Premium Quality T-shirt

High quality cotton fabric with exclusive ingredient makes Eefuku T-shirt get extra soft, smooth and not easily deformed. The t-shirt makes extra ventilate but thick enough.

Eefuku T-shirt is very washable with extra ingredient added, make a lot of quality improvement. Using stretchable and softer collar to increase the wearing enjoyment

Hand Sleeve & Lower Sleeve

Eefuku T-shirt using double sewing cutting method to increase stability of the sleeve and not easily generating crease after washing.


Eefuku T-shirt using soft and stretchable upper round neck collar to increase the overall body sense and make the wearer more confidence and do not look loosely. The collar makes by unique collar rib to increase the toughness, avoid out of shape of the collar after wearing for few times.

T-shirt Fabric

Eefuku T-shirt using Interlock cotton with unique added ingredient to increase the stability of the T-shirt

Stability of T-shirt

Maintain T-shirt shape after washing

Prevent un-stitched from clothing

Not easy to get wrinkle

Solid color (not getting fade)